Boston Bound: Keeping in Stride with Drew

After a stellar performance at Twin Cities Marathon this year, we wanted to catch up with Drew and see what he did to perform so well. With 9 years of marathon experience under his belt, shaving close to 8 minutes off of a PR takes some serious effort and a little bit of luck! By finishing the race in 3:29:22, Drew is Boston bound and wondering how fast he can really go.  To find out whether he is simply getting faster with age, training smarter, changing his diet…ect.. read more.

1. You qualified for Boston at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.  What was your previous PR at the marathon distance? 

 At last years’ TCM I ran a PR of 3:37:00.  

2. Is there one thing that helped you run better than your previous several marathons?  Did you have more long runs?  Lose weight?  Better Taper?  Weather?

I did add a fourth 18+ mile run this year as well as lose about 5 lbs and of course the weather for this years’ marathon was absolutely perfect.  Most importantly I incorporated three new things into my training early this summer.  For starters, DKT had blogged early this season about reviewing your training logs from past years and using what you learn from them to make changes to your routine.  If anything, it was obvious my training was just that… routine.  So, the second important thing was to start taking speed workouts more seriously than before.  Finally I approached my long runs differently.  After the first two thirds of my last three long runs, I would try to push my pace 5 to 10 seconds faster than my marathon goal pace.

 3. After qualifying can you look back on your other marathons and see any mistakes you made during those races?

Breaking out of the same old training routine as mentioned above.

 4. Since you have passed your racing prime (no disrespect) do you see your continued marathon improvement from better racing, better training, or simply that you are a    genetic freak?

Besides being perhaps a late bloomer or a slow learner?  Working at Gear West puts me around a lot of athletes with lots of experiences, successes as well as failures.  Over the last several years I’ve been able to connect those dots and this year finally applied them to my own goals.

5. What did you consume for nutrition during the race? 

 Four gels, two bananas and water from all but three aid stations.

6. Did you wear compression socks during the race?

No, but I put compression tights on immediately afterwards and though I’m moving slow today, I have to say I feel better than after previous marathons.  I’m convinced compression is a great recovery tool.

 7. Are you going to race Boston in 2011 or 2012? 

Right now, I think the plan will be ’11.  My oldest graduates from high school this spring and it would be fun to make it a family trip before she’s off to who knows where for college.

 8. What mistake(s) did you make in this years’ race and how much time do you think it cost you? 

Just before mile 22 I went down with a muscle cramp in my right calf.  A spectator and one of the race medical staff were with me immediately and helped me work though it. They were great.  I figure that about three and a half minutes went by.  Frustrating, but after I was running again I actually picked up the pace a little.  I should have probably tried to stretch it out when it started to bother me a couple of miles earlier.

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