The 2011 Felt B10

We were so giddy when we first saw this bike. All new for Felt this year, they took the B12 frame and equipped it with Shimano Di2. This get’s you the awesomeness of Shimano Di2 shifting with a $5299 price tag.  This is a full $3,000+ less than any tri/tt bike sold with Di2 last year.  Felt is committed to bringing electronic shifting to the people, as this is only a few hundred more than buying the gruppo alone.   Yes, it’s still expensive, but within reach for a lot more people.    We have a 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 cm in stock and ready to ride!

And if you were still wondering how good Di2 is, you will be blown away when you demo one of these bikes. The shifting is so quick and precise you can shift your front dérailleur while standing and pedaling.  Seriously.  And the biggest benefit to having Di2 on a Tri bike is the 2 sets of shift buttons… shift in both basebar and aerobars without moving your hands. So cool.  Here at the shop Kevin, Hannah and Brett are all riding Di2 bikes, with more to follow soon…

The all new 2011 Felt B10 Di2.   Combine that paint job with the TTR3 wheelset…. wow.  good lookin’.

I like this.   Ultra Hybrid Carbon, “Performance”.  It’s the name of the game.

Here’s a head of shot of the bar end shifters as well as the basebar shifters.    The benefit of being able to shift when climbing or cornering in the basebar is huge.

This is the battery pack  hidden below the rear chain-stay.   ~1000 miles per charge, and each battery can be charged ~300 before the charge will diminish.   (that’s 30,000 miles)   And even then, replacement batteries are only $99.    And you weight weenies out there don’t need to worry.  With the lighter wires instead of shift cable the weights between mechanical DA and electronic is nearly a wash.

Here is the battery charge indicator, right at the tip of your fingers so you can check the battery charge at any time with ease.

Stock with Dura Ace 7900 dérailleurs and the Vision TriMax Pro TT crankset.     It’s not as good as the Dura Ace 7900, but we’ve tested it and it will still knock your socks off.  (we recommend riding without socks)

This is where the real magic happens… the front dérailleur.    So precise you will never think twice about shifting to your big ring ever again.

3 thoughts on “The 2011 Felt B10

  1. I just purchased this Lil Monster and LOVE it! The shifting is so smooth it is hard to believe at first. Going to love getting use to flying on this ride. Great purchase.

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