Development Team Training Tips

We have some crazy-good talent on our  Development Team, and I think most of them would say that the majority of their race success is a result of consistent training.    However, within the consistent training, a handful of “key” workouts can really take your fitness to a new level.  I asked our development team for some of their favorite “key” workouts as well as any super-secret favorite products they could share.    I got a wide variety of tips, but I really liked them all…

Josh Riff

I have been racing multisport on and off since 1994 when I tried a few duathlons in University. Since then I have raced the world championships duathlon and triathlons in Europe while in Medical school, raced Hawaii Ironman while in my emergency medicine residency, and  pulled off a 9:29 at IM Arizona with a 1 year old son and one on the way. Most recently I raced IM Kona. By the way I have 2 children, a wife, a full time job at Target, and I work in the ER every Monday night. Lets just say I have become an expert at time management and understand the need to squeeze as much juice as possible from the fruit. This helps explain some of my favorite products and workouts.

Best all time product: My Timex watch. Between the alarm getting me up in the morning, my chrono for my workouts, and the count down timer as my racing feed indicator this is the best bang for the buck, hands down.

The classic Timex Ironman watch.

Best time saver: My computrainer. It is a love hate relationship but as most of my workouts start before 5:30 it is mandatory. My 3 year old has a V-tech stationary bike and we watch cartoons together in the morning.

Best new toy: Not sure if it is a toy but I really enjoy my new Zoot compression shorts. I started wearing compression stockings in 2002 as I found that I could not run the day after an ER shift when I was on my feet all day and a surgeon friend recommended wearing these dorky surgical stockings. They worked. I was surprised years later to find that everyone in Hawaii was wearing something similar but that cost 10 times more. I like the compression shorts because I run to work (11 miles) twice a week and go straight from the shower to meeting after meeting. I find that these shorts keep my legs fresher. All in my head? Who cares.

Favorite workout: They are all hard but I like when I do 5 km repeats on the computrainer

Secret weapon: Coffee. I save it for my hardest workout days and races. Use it as a power booster. Remember it used to be IOC illegal so it has to workJ

Best Advice: Keep a schedule but keep it in perspective. Writing out your goals and objectives are crucial as is coming up with a  written training schedule. That said be flexible, your season will not be ruined by missing a session, or two. In addition make sure you have the support of those close to you and whom you love. If your soul is heavy you will ride and run slow.

Kortney Haag:

Here is one I really like to do when I am training in the winter and watching TV on my trainer to avoid boredom.  Warm up for 10-15 minutes and then increase the tension …sprint for 20-30 seconds then rest for 30-40 seconds.  Repeat this 9 more times for a total of ten times.  Then ride aerobically the rest of the ride and cool down. I will sometimes increase this to do ride hard for 1 minute then ride easy for 1min 30 seconds.  A Brick workout that I like as my training progresses is ride 60-75 minutes at a higher intensity and then run 10-15 minutes at 5k race pace followed by 10-15 minutes run at 10k race pace.

Tony Schiller:


Brett Lovaas:

My favorite workout may be the “rest day”.

Marta Lewinski:

My favorite workout is completing repeats on Ohio Hill in St. Paul. Complete 8 repeats with downhill as recovery.

Recent favorite products are a Lazer Tardiz aero helmet and the Bite Tech mouthpiece.

The bite tech mouthpiece prevents athletes from teeth-clenching and prevents the excessive production of performance-sapping hormones.
The bite tech mouthpiece prevents athletes from teeth-clenching and prevents the excessive production of performance-sapping hormones.

Julie Hull:

Exercises that I feel have developed biking power… weekly strength training.
1.  Jump lunges for 1 minute (usually around 25-30 each leg), when starting, this may be 10-15x thru or you will really feel it when going  to sit down!
2.  Immediately hold to Isometric squat for 1-2 minutes (if doing with buddy throw medicine ball back and forth… time flies faster.)
3.  hamstring curls with exercise ball.
4.  Core work: I use stomach wheel, some use an exercise ball.  On knees, have ball or wheel on forearms or on hands in front of you.  Gradually roll out and roll back up.  Keep head neutral, try to get 12 inches from floor if using wheel, but not over extending shoulders.  Repeat.  I do (or did pre accident) about 25-50 4x/ wk.  Be sure to do some cobra stretching to keep core flexible.

This is part of a total strength circuit that consists of 20-22 total body tri specific exercises.

Marlo Crosby:

Training Tip:  If short on time,motivation or energy, do a short intense interval workout–warmup 5min, 2min on, 1min ez, for 20-30min, cool down. Done. Kind of fun.

Curt Wood:

As many people know, I do much of my cycling on an indoor trainer… even throughout the summer.   It’s just so quick and efficient to hop on for an hour and just go.  My favorite indoor workout is a power based interval workout.  I tend to change it up, but it is almost always 1:1 work/rest ratio and totaling 15-20 minutes of hard work.  Examples are: 4x 5 minutes hard/5 minutes easy spin or 10 x 2 minutes hard/2 minutes easy spin.      Great workouts to boost your anaerobic threshold and also a great way to track your fitness throughout the year.    I also love one leg drills on the trainer… they’re a great way to improve your pedaling efficiency.

Devon Palmer:

Pay attention when your body tries to tell you something. For example, if I
start a hard workout and my heart rate goes sky high but my power numbers
do not I know its simply not the right day for the session. Also pay
attention in terms of little aches and pains. Being aggressive about icing
and massaging and even resting when a knee or ankle or shoulder is giving
me grief has allowed me to be consistent over the last few years.

#1: Bodyglide. Appropriate application allows me to avoid unwanted
#2: My Powertap. Cycling used to be a bit of a mystery, either I was riding
hard or I wasn’t. Now I always know how hard I’m riding and can accurately
judge the quality of a workout regardless of wind or hills. The Powertap
also gives me useful feedback for my indoor training.
#3: Bib shorts. Just trust me, they are better.

David Thompson:

Como Relays start the first Wednesday in August and continue each Wednesday until September.  I would encourage any ability runner to try it out.  The race costs $2 and is a two person relay.  The distance and intervals increase each week.  You can show up without a partner and match up at the race.  Start time is around 6:00 PM.  Check out for details.

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