Life Time Fitness Power Numbers

We all have “off” races, and unfortunately both Devon and myself (Curt) didn’t have the most stellar bike splits at Saturday’s Lifetime Fitness Triathlon.    We’ve both raced faster here in the past, but to only post power numbers from our best races would be a little deceiving.    We learn as much from our off races as we do from our best races.

As far as 40k bike courses go, the LTF course is quite challenging.  Not due to the wind or hills, but due to the amount of corners and the fact that most of the roads are not exactly smooth asphalt.     This means a lot of braking, accelerating and white knuckle riding.

Above is my (Curt’s) power profile for the race.
Here’s a sweet side profile shot that Kerry Yndestad’s Yndecam took on the course.

Here are the stats:
Average power: 307
Average speed: 25.5 (both of us actually had the course at 25.5 miles)
Time: 1:00:00 (how the hell does that happen?)

And here is Devon’s power profile.
Another sweet Yndecam shot of Devon.

Here are the stats:
Average power: 306
Average MPH: 26.4
Time: 59:23

If you didn’t catch that I creamed Devon in the wattage category by a whopping 1 watt. Boo-ya! He actually beat my in time by 37 seconds due to the fact that he is about 30lbs less and has a slightly smaller aerodynamic profile that I do.    Looking at the graphs, both of us actually paced ourselves fairly well… no noticeable drop in power over the course.

Now, take into consideration that in 2007, David did a an unreal 54:53 on this course.   Using my new favorite website Analytical Cycling I can see that in order to match his time I would need to crank out 383 average watts.   So let me know if you know where I can get 76 more watts….

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