4 Time Lifetime Fitness Triathlon CCC Winners!

We have again conquered the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Corporate Charity Challenge with a 2:01:31… a little over 2 minutes ahead of the “Corporate” team “Hopkins Masters A”:)   This year our team consisted of Kevin who did the swim, Jared who did the bike, and newcomer to the relay team, Brett, who did the run.     Kevin had a solid ~22 minute swim (estimated because his split is missing), Jared worked his way into 3rd on the bike with a 1:01:33 and Brett was the hero of the day as he ran down the front running corporate teams with a 35:31 10K.      Full Results here

Here’s Kevin running up the beach at the exit of the swim.

Here’s Jared coming into T2 after his bike

Here’s Brett rounding the corner to the finish

This is what you get when you ask Jared to pose respectfully with the winner check, which is ridiculously gigantic this year.

As you can see from the last picture, all $18,800 of our “winnings” are going to the Miracles of Mitch Foundation.     This is a great local charity benefiting families of children battling cancer.    This also happens to be the same charity that is benefited by the Miracle Kids Triathlons, 2 great events directed by our very own Development Team member Tony Schiller.

The last 3 years the winnings have gone to the American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders.    Congratulations to all teams competing in the Corporate Charity Challenge, a lot of $$ was raised for worthy causes!

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