Vote for Hannah

Our very own Hannah Sullivan is a finalist for the “Best Eyes Contest” through the Life Time Fitness Triathlon.     The winner will be determined by a vote at the Life Time Fitness Triathlon expo on Friday at the Minneapolis Convention Center, and will receive FREE Lasik laser eye correction.

Finalist’s were determined by a short essay explaining why they deserve free lasik laser eye correction.    Below is Hannah’s essay:

Why I Need LASIK:

I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 13 years old, and I can’t wait to get rid of them.  My eyes are constantly bothersome because it’s tough to keep dust, road debris and water away from my contacts when riding around the twin cities commuting by bicycle and training for cycling and multisport events.  My eyes also get dry and irritated after long days working at Gear West Bike & Triathlon outfitting local triathletes.  I’m a beginner swimmer myself and dealing with contacts and goggles in the pool is never fun.

With LASIK, I’m confident I could put more miles on the bike, and therefore less in the car and it would be so much easier to hop in the pool or spend long hours at the shop without having to worry about the hassle of contacts, glasses and eye infections.  Mud in the eyes during cyclocross racing would also be much less of an issue!

But here is the real scoop, I also need LASIK so I can actually see my husband, professional triathlete David Thompson (DKT), when I cheer him on at races! Even more important is that he’s the most competitive person on the planet and he has 20/20 vision.  Voting for me won’t help save the world but it would help me better serve the Twin Cities Tri community and it could relegate DKT to 2nd place in the family vision contest!

Here is a closeup of Hannah's eyes. They clearly need Lasik:)

So make sure to find the LasikPlus expo booth on Saturday and vote for Hannah!

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