Dinner with Craig Alexander

July 10th (the evening of the Life Time Fitness triathlon), come join Craig Alexander for dinner at the St. Paul Hotel, where he will talk about his career, his preparation for this year’s Hawaii Ironman and followed by a Q and A.      Tickets are $50, and all the proceeds will be donated to the V3 Triathlon program.

Craig has had success at both short and long distance triathlon, winning everything from the Lifetime Fitness triathlon in 2005 to the Ironman World Championship in both 2008 and 2009.      Craig clearly knows about successfully training for a wide spectrum of distances, and gleaning any of his training or racing wisdom would be worth the  admission price.

The dinner will be a choice of 3 different 3 course meals.    If you’ve ever dined at the St. Paul Hotel, you already know that you are in for a treat. And yes, there will be a vegan option.

All proceeds from this event will go towards the V3 Youth Triathlon Team which works with inner city youth triathletes.  This year the V3 Team is attempting to send  10 juniors to the National Championships in California in August.  It’s a great program run by coach Erika Binger that has that was just written up in Inside Triathlon magazine (see the last page of the current issue).

Register here

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