Trek’s ‘Speed Concept’ TT/Triathlon Bike

Gear West Bike and Triathlon has one of the very first ‘Speed Concept’ bikes here at the store today through March 28th. Anyone is welcome to come out and see one of the most innovative bikes the industry has seen in decades. This is the bike that Alberto Contador used to win the Time Trial in the Tour de France and Chris Lieto used to ride himself to a 2nd overall placing at the Hawaii Ironman.     When our Trek rep brought it in this morning, we were all drooling over it, itching to ride it…  very impressive. 

Here as some "spy" photos of the bike from last summer when Lance himself first rode it in the Tour
Chris Lieto en route to the fastest bike split and 2nd overall finish at the 2009 Ironman World Championship about his Speed Concept

This is arguably the “cleanest” aero bike that has yet to be produced and you can come check it out before they are available to the public.    As of now, they are planning on doing the ‘Project One’ treatment on the bike, which means you can customize paint schemes, components, cable/saddle/bar tape colors, etc… much of which is no additional charge.   Apparently ‘Speed Concept’ is a working title for the bike, which may end up with a different name (the Madone had the working title ‘Silo). 

Reply to this post with your email and we’ll make sure to put you on the list to receive notification when this bike is available to the public (we’re hearing sometime this summer!).

10 thoughts on “Trek’s ‘Speed Concept’ TT/Triathlon Bike

  1. Of course I want to know when it is available to the public. The QR Cd0.1 and Felt DA Di2 are my first two choices, but there is always room.

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