Faces in the Crowd

We have a couple new “full-timers” here at Gear West Bike and Triathlon in Brett Busacker and Corey Mahlke.   I wanted to take a moment to introduce each of them so the next time you stop in you can pretend that you’ve been friends for ages. 

Brett Busacker: aka ‘Brett the Hitman Heart’ (not actually his nickname, but it would be great if it caught on)
Brett Busacker
You may recognize Brett as he’s actually worked for us on the sales floor for the last couple summers, but he’s decided to step up to the big leagues and sign on year round. Brett just stepped into running a couple years ago after playing high school football (linebacker) and proceeded to loose 60 lbs and is now running sub 1:20 half marathons and training with DKT. Needless to say he has some raw talent hiding in him. He’s also into road biking and recently got everyone here jealous when his 2010 Felt F2 with the new Shimano Di2 came in (now Hannah and Kevin have both ordered their 2010 F2’s). Here’s a little more on Brett:
Hometown Now: Long Lake, MN

Hometown Then: Long Lake, MN

Education: BA in Marketing Management from the University of St. Thomas

Gear West Employment: If I add it all together it may equal 2 years

Race Experience: 3 years

Very first race: Grandma’s Marathon 06′

Race Goals for 10’: Keep healthy and drop my 1/2 and full marathon PR’s

Favorite Product: Shimano Di2 on my new Felt F2

Favorite movie: Any climbing or snowboarding video

If I’m not biking, I’d rather be: Running or climbing

Family: Fiance Mallory and immediate family in Long Lake.

Number of Bikes owned: 2 Road, 1 Mountain, 1 Cyclocross

Corey Mahlke: aka “Corey Mahlke”
Corey Mahlke
With Jared needing some major help (in more ways than one), we brought on Corey to help him out. Corey’s comes to us with a Biology Degree from the U of M (I’m sure we’ll find some applicable uses for that here) and restaurant work experience. Corey also knows his way around a bike, and has quicky impressed Jared. In addition to cycling, Corey is also gotten into ultra running. When I asked him why ultra running his response was something like, “you don’t need to talk to anyone for a long time”. Hmmm. Here’s a bit more on Corey:
Hometown Now: Minneapolis, MN

Hometown Then: Nashville, TN, but born in Indiana

Education: BS Biology, University of Minnesota

Gear West Employment: Feb. 22, 2010

Race Experience: Track in High School, Bike and Ultra Run races now

Very first race: Unexpected entry in 400 meter hurdles…Ouch!

Race Goals for 10’: Qualify for 100 mile ultra

Favorite Product: Felt Bikes

Favorite movie: Truffaut’s Les Quatre Cents Coups

If I’m not biking, I’d rather be: Running

Family: Wife Sarah and 3 of man’s best friend

Number of Bikes owned: 3

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