Commuter Challenge: Final Results

Here's Drew and Kevin after one of many bike commutes to work this past year.

 I talked about it earlier, but starting in 2009 Gear West Bike and Tri had a bike commuting challenge for all employees.    The challenge was to commute as often as possible by bike (although we counted running to work as well) and scored the point system on a handicapped scale:

Kevin                  = 5 miles =  .5 point
Drew                    = 14 miles = .75 point
Hannah/David = 26 miles = 1.5 points
Trent              = 22 miles = 1.25 points
Curt                = 16 miles = 1 point
Jared             = 13 miles = .75 points

About mid-year we realized the race was between Drew and Kevin, who really got into a great routine of biking in and were destroying everyone else.  They continued to commute well into fall with each not wanting to give up points to the other by not commuting when able.    The bike commute ended with Kevin racking up the most total commutes (84) compared to Drew (77), but since Drew had a higher handicap he ended up winning with 57.75 pts versus Kevin’s 42 pts.    Trent rounded out the podium with 38.75 pts.    Total commutes for the store with full and part-timers was 302 commutes for a total mileage of 3,327

So here it is by the numbers:

Total “car miles” saved: 3,327
Gallons of gas saved: 166
Pounds of CO2 saved by our commutes this year: 3,220 (based off EPA estimates)
Calories burned by commuting staffers: 183,440 (appx 900 calories per hour for nearly 200 hours)
Number of McDonalds double cheeseburgers needed to offset those calories: 611
Number of times Drew and Kevin bragged about commuting: Too many to count

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