Meet: Marlo McGaver

We’ve added 4 new team members to our Development Team for 2010 and we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce them to the world.   First is Marlo McGaver (formerly Crosby) of Duluth, MN.  For those who don’t know Marlo, she is one of the fastest duathlete’s in the nation.    In fact, she was the top American at the ITU World Duathlon Championships in Concord, NC this past fall where she raced as a pro.    AND she started relatively late compared to those she’s competing against, starting  just 6 years ago.  I had a few questions so we can all get to know her better, and so that we all won’t feel as awkward introducing ourselves to her the next time we see her at a race. 

CW: Why race for Gear West?

MM: A few reasons 1) The store is the best-it has everything and is fun to go to so I am be happy and proud to represent such a nice place. 2)Gear West is so generous in supporting events and people in a wide area. 3)The people on the Gear West team seem positive and enjoy the sport, and are very encouraging and welcoming to athletes of all levels.

CW: What’s your athletic background?:

MM: I ran throughout school and after as my main activity. Then I decided about 5years ago I really needed a big goal. The Ironman broadcast I had watched way back in high school had always stuck in my mind so that is what I chose as a goal. So I started swimming, bought a bike and started riding, did a few triathlons after a few months of training to practice for the big race and did Ironman Wisconsin in 2004.

CW: Your secret weapon has always been the bike. What can you attribute that to?

MM: Funny you say that but I don’t really think of myself as a biker, more a runner but…One would be consistenly riding the past five years. I do some sort of riding almost everyday it seems. Another thing with biking for me is it is ‘safe’ to push as hard as possible on the bike–meaning with biking, there is the bike for support so it isn’t like w/swimming there is the chance of drowning if you blow up and w/running there is the chance you could fall/pass out if you go too hard. With biking if I blow up, then I can just shift to an easy gear and spin.

CW: You have a pretty impressive resume,  what would you say is the highlight of multisport career?

MM: Finishing as the first American woman at the World Duathlon race this year and winning a 4th granite apple at the Apple Duathlon this year.

CW: So I know I have some doosies, but what’s your biggest racing blunder?

MM: In my first triathlon, an Olympic Distance race in Colorado, I racked my bike in t2 but then couldn’t figure out where the run went. I was running all over trying to find the course, grrr I was so frustrated, finally someone asked what I was doing and pointed me in the right direction. Lesson I learned: know the transition area and course.

CW: What’s your normal training week during the summer?

MM:  20 hours per week (low of about 15hours, high of around 27) of Runs: 5 weekly, including some sort of speed work, long run,race and hill work. Bikes: 6-7weekly, w/intervals, long, medium long, race, transportation. Swims:3-4 weekly.

CW: What’s your favorite workout?

MM: I call it 1-2-3’s. It can be done with any sport or cardio equipment. -warm up -then 10min of 1min ‘on'(hard, fast), 1min ‘off'(easy, soft pedal, jog etc) -then 15min of 2min on, 1min off -then 20min of 3min on, 1min off -cool down This is a good workout to do if time is short and you want to get some intensity in.

CW: Now that race season is done, what are you up to these days?

MM: I’ve been doing alot of running with my dog and some with Joe(husband). Doing some running races–I do alot of the local 5k’s. Joe and I also have been enjoying Jay Cooke State Park–running, some hiking. Also doing some home maintence/organizing but I lose interest fast and usually end up bailing in the middle of the project.

Marlo McGaver
This is a picture from the award ceremony from the 2006 Buffalo Olympic Triathlon, where Marlo finished 2nd (Marlo is in the middle) to Ironman legend Natasha Badmann

CW: What’s your racing plans for next year?

MM: I would like to run fast this year and will try to run my fastest at Grandma’s marathon. Also I plan on doing three or for half iron distances,gearing up for IM Wisconsin.

CW: So we all have them… what’s your nutritional weakness?

MM: Diet Mountain Dew and Diet Sprite. There I said it, I drink it. I drink artificial sweetener and chemicals.

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