Free Winter Time Trial at GWB&Tri

Starting immediately, we’re hosting an all new Winter Time Trial series consisting of 3 separate time trails throughout the Minnesota Winter.  The first “race”, starting now through December 23 is a 3.6 mile segment of the Tour of Lombardy stage race in Italy.     Racers will meet up at Gear West Bike and Tri headquarters in Long Lake, MN and we’ll take care of transport to the time trial with your bike…
This is what the ride will look like to you... scenic views from the classic Tour of Lombardy in Italy.
David on the Tacx
This is what it looks like to "outsiders"

 Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the time trial will take place on the Tacx Virtual Reality Bike Trainer.  You just sign up for a time slot, bring in your bike (or use one of our demo bikes), and go to it.   Take it from me, 3.6 miles may not seem like much, but after about 5 minutes of all-out effort, the 2 kilometer mountain ascent will make you see stars (I would highly recommend holding back the first few minutes).    One really cool feature of this trainer is the ability to take your height and weight into account, so light people can fly up the mountains just like they could in real life.  And bigger people (like myself) have to put out bigger watts to climb. 

Although I say ‘bring-it’ to anyone who want’s to try to take down my newly established course record of 9min 30seconds,  we encourage anyone to sign up for a time slot and give it a go, no matter what your age, speed, ability level or willingness to suffer.  We’ll be awarding $10 gift cards to the winner of every age group for both male and female.  And did I mention it’s free?  We just want to get people in to the store to see your smiling faces:)   And of course tell your friends about the awesomeness of this trainer… 

Read more and sign up here

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